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Effective & Equitable Collaboration: A Skillbuilding Cohort

Happy New Year! As we begin our year regrounding ourselves in our commitment to building an equitable world, a world that works for everyone, we are reminded that we

cannot do it alone. For those of us who share a commitment to equity and justice our aspirations are only possible when we collaborate.

Courageous Change Collective is excited to start 2023 launching our new Effective & Equitable Collaboration Skillbuilding Cohort. We are inviting organizations whose work calls for collaboration to consider participating in the cohort or to help us spread the word.

Effective & Equitable Collaboration: A Skillbuilding Cohort

Whether your organization collaborates internally, with community or with other organizations, this cohort can support you!

Who would benefit from this cohort?

  • Individuals who are responsible for bringing people together to collaborate, e.g. staff managing or coordinating coalitions, task forces, workgroups, etc.

  • Staff who are launching, revamping, evolving or expanding a collaboration

  • Staff seeking to embed equity into their collaborative projects

When & Where

April - September 2023

Opening Retreat + 5 monthly 2.5 hour sessions

Mix of in-person and virtual


$5,000 per organization for up to five staff to attend

If you are interested in learning more, and possibly attending an Info Session, fill out our interest form:

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