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Special thanks to Courageous Change Collective -- Nou Yang, Sindy Morales Garcia, and Kirsten Johnson -- who facilitated a very key board meeting between Pollen staff and board early in our journey. The results of that meeting set us on a trajectory towards alignment and justice. 

- Jamie Millard, Pollen

I just want to say that I had some skepticism about whether there could be more than a superficial connection forged in such a short virtual time. Today's gathering vastly exceeded my limited expectations. I appreciate the wisdom and skill of the Courageous Change Collective in shepherding us, and I am grateful for the great goodwill and kindness of all the participants. I'm looking forward to connecting personally with some of the people I just met today in the very near future.


- Patrice Clark Koelsch, Common Ground Mediation

This was a wonderful gathering in every way--the speakers, moderators, all the details, the small groups, the prompts. Probably the best Zoom I've attended, and I attend a lot of them. 


- Leslie Martin, Editor & Writer

I will have to say earlier this week I was OVERWHELMED with gratitude for our partnership. You bring such an awareness and consciousness to this process, and I feel like I have a team of external gladiators, not the Roman kind, supporting transformation right beside me! Thank you!

- Myla Pope (she/her/hers), Director of Equity, Saint Paul Public Schools

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