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Developing Effective Collaborations

Transformative change does not take place in isolation. Tackling the complex issues our communities face requires skillful collaboration. We see collaboration as a tool, a skill set and a philosophy. We are inherently collaborative in our approach to every project, inviting many voices into the conversations and processes we lead, and bringing deep knowledge of the best practices that support collaborative process.

We can help you build internal or community collaboratives that operate effectively and equitably.

  • Lay the groundwork and infrastructure for an effective coalition or collaboration

  • Support an ongoing or struggling collaboration to increase impact

  • Offer skill-building in collaborating across difference

  • Introduce and use the tools of Network Weaving

  • Provide training on the factors that support effective collaboration found in Collaboration: What Makes It Work co-authored by Courageous Change Collective Co-Founder Kirsten Johnson

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