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Our Approach

We Cultivate

  • Life-giving spaces of joy, creativity and healing

  • Collective power by leaning into community assets and relationships

  • The fullness that the ancestors wanted for us

We Center

  • Building relationships and trust

  • Voices and narratives of people most impacted

  • Philosophies and tools of collaboration, co-creation and sharing power

  • Experiential learning, storytelling and reflection

We Invite

  • People to be authentic and vulnerable as we move towards courageous transformation

  • Communities to bring their whole selves, drawing on their minds, hearts and spirits

  • Our partners to begin with themselves, building self-awareness as they develop new skills and capacities


We Explicitly Name

  • Complexity and bridge across differences

  • Power dynamics, surfacing patterns and questioning assumptions

  • Destructive narratives, oppressive systems and practices, and white supremacy culture

Download Courageous Change Areas of Work PDF

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