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Community Engagement

Sustainable change is grounded in the lived realities of those impacted by the issues we seek to address.  We prioritize honoring community voices and wisdom, especially those who have been historically oppressed and ignored, in developing solutions and strategies in all of our projects.

Supporting transformational community engagement that advances racial equity is a considerable undertaking. Experience has shown us that leveraging our strengths to create plans customized to the context we are working in is a crucial element for success. This can be time-intensive. We have found that the investment is worth it, as it provides the capacity needed to produce effective and sustainable outcomes grounded in reality.


We have experience designing and facilitating a variety of community engagement initiatives such as:

  • Listening sessions

  • Community forums

  • Community Advisory Committees

  • Focus Groups

  • Art of Hosting World Cafe conversations

  • Participatory evaluation

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