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Effective and Equitable Collaboration: A Skillbuilding Cohort

We are inviting organizations and individuals whose work requires effective and equitable collaboration to participate in a skill-building cohort. 




  • A five-month skill-building cohort bringing together people from a variety of organizations who want to deepen their capacity to collaborate with others

  • This cohort will build participants skills to effectively collaborate with those inside and outside their organization. The cohort will focus on providing frameworks for the practices that enable effective collaboration, including: 

    • Open & Frequent Communication  

    • Roles & Responsibilities 

    • Collaborative Decision-Making 

    • Normalizing Conflict  

  • It will then build on these core concepts, offering tools to support collaborating across difference and engaging community in our collaborations. 

  • The course will engage learners in a variety of ways through videos, readings and activities that support self-reflection, and developing shared understanding and analysis.​

Who would benefit from this cohort? 

  • Individuals who are responsible for bringing people together to collaborate, e.g. staff managing or coordinating coalitions, task forces, workgroups, etc. 

  • Staff who are launching, revamping, evolving or expanding a collaboration

  • Staff seeking to embed equity into their collaborative projects 


When & Where

  • February - June 2024 

  • Six 2.5-hour sessions on Thursday afternoons from 1-3:30pm

  • In-person sessions - Location TBD

Register Here 

We are offering an Early Bird Discount of $100 for those who register by October 31st. The final registration deadline will be December 8th.

For information on our sliding fee scale:   

Collaboration: What Makes It Work 

Kirsten Johnson, Courageous Change Collective co-founder is the co-author of Collaboration: What Makes It Worka research-based practitioner's guide to effective collaboration. The book will be one of the primary sources we draw upon to support the cohort’s learning. It provides concrete evidence-based strategies to support you in building your capacity to build equitable collaborations. 


About the Courageous Change Collective

Learn more about the cohort facilitation team here:

Click on the image above to learn more

Click the image above to buy the book

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