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What is REASN?  

REASN – the Racial Equity Action Support Network – brings together Minnesota’s racial equity leaders and practitioners, the people’s whose job it is to design, facilitate and lead the efforts that enable community, nonprofit, and government organizations to advance equity. 


At REASN, these equity change agents find a space that provides: 

  • Support for doing the challenging, and often isolating work of creating racial equity 

  • Action strategies that are more powerful and effective as they are rooted in shared analysis and reflection 


While there are many spaces that provide education and skill-building for those who are committed to racial equity, REASN is unique in offering a space for those who are responsible for leading those education, skill-building and systems change efforts. It provides a space of respite, learning and growth for those who are often in the position of hosting and supporting others.

To learn more, or join our email list and find out about our upcoming gatherings email

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