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What does it mean to be a collective?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

You may have noticed that our name is Courageous Change Collective. We chose the word “collective” intentionally. We decided to take some time to write up what it means to us to operate as a collective.

Our Chosen Approach

We choose to be a collective because it aligns with our values and our cultural practices. While each of us grew up in different communities, all of them valued communal approaches and collective ways of coming together to get things done. We are drawing on the strengths and experiences of our communities. Working collectively is our chosen approach for moving through the world.

We recognize that this is not the norm in the dominant culture of the U.S. We are intentionally choosing a collective model while letting go of other practices and approaches, for example:

  • Letting go of hierarchy, reaching for egalitarian approaches

  • Letting go of individualism, reaching for co-leadership, interdependence and deep collaboration

  • Letting go of one right way, reaching for collective wisdom

We believe no one person can hold all the things required for transformative equity work. A collective approach is an asset as the work we do is complex and requires us to navigate and pay attention to many things.

How our collective operates?

  • Equal partners - our three collective members are equal partners. There is no single manager or leader, we have a collective leadership structure.

  • Equal owners - we split all profits equally. We share the work of running the business and make all decisions together.

  • Committed members - the three members of our collective have made a commitment to work together. Although we are not an open network or a collaborative, we do often collaborate with others.

What is it like to work with our collective?

Whenever possible we work together as a team on projects. You won’t get just one consultant - you’ll get the benefits of our three woman collective.

  • You get the full team’s expertise - each of us brings unique skill sets, professional backgrounds and cultural perspectives which combined provides a breadth and depth of knowledge.

    • Most of the time all three of us will attend meetings, co-facilitate sessions, etc.

  • One of us will be assigned as your lead contact person on behalf of our team. Your lead contact will ensure that the whole team is kept up to speed on your project.

    • We welcome you to copy all of us on emails as all of us are paying attention to your emails, so if something is urgent and your lead contact person can’t attend to it right away we still have you covered.

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