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Disrupting Us vs. Them and Cultivating Belonging & Trust

At the core, conflict is about the relationship and remembering we are in it together.

Often we think conflict is about us vs. them but it might serve us to reframe conflict as an effort to deepen our relationship and hold on to one another. How we go about negotiating and engaging each other is just as important as the issue at hand.

This means when we are in conflict it is important to center belonging rather than othering. We have learned that co-creating shared agreements such as Simple Rules can help us enter spaces of conflict from a place of shared values, collective buy-in and trust. The co-creation process helps to invite different opinions and ensure we are inclusive of everyone’s voice, disrupting the dominant culture of us vs them. This practice can become the very thing organizations are trying to cultivate, a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Simple Rules - Human Systems Dynamics

Simple rules are in place in every organization. They shape the conditions that characterize the dominant patterns of the organization’s culture. Intentionally co-creating Simple Rules can be a powerful strategy to cultivate a culture that leans into conflict and fosters belonging and trust.

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